Saturday, April 24, 2010

On the Horizon...

Mazra'ih, Israel

I will be visiting this lovely place - Mazra'ih - in a few short hours. This picture was taken on my visit last year - and I'm hoping to see what magic comes out of the good old camera this year. Mazra'ih is truly one of my favorite places - not least because it brought Bahá'u'lláh so much joy....

I also have a water polo game tonight - this time in Tel Aviv proper. As last week's game was so close, I really think that we have a chance of winning this time! I'll keep y'all posted - even if it's not the news we were hoping for (I mean me?).

Also... I thought that since I talk about reading so much (Bayan loves his new books so far!), I'd share with you all something I read yesterday that really excited and inspired me. The Universal House of Justice, as recently as April 2010, addresses (among a myriad other things) some fundamental concepts of social action.

"The perpetuation of ignorance is a most grievous form of oppression; it reinforces the many walls of prejudice that stand as barriers to the realization of the oneness of humankind [...]. Access to knowledge is the right of every human being, and participation in its generation, application and diffusion a responsibility that all must shoulder in the great enterprise of building a prosperous world civilization - each individual according to his or her talents and abilities."

Thanks for indulging my excitement!

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