Friday, September 30, 2011

Thinking Out Loud Style...

If a man has an apartment stacked to the ceiling with newspapers, we call him crazy. If a woman has a trailer house full of cats, we call her nuts. But when people pathologically hoard so much cash that they impoverish the entire nation, we put them on the cover of Fortune magazine and pretend that they are role models.
- B. Lester

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

On Wander Lust....

Homeland from Hifatlobrain on Vimeo.

Dear Double Takes: thanks for the head's up. This is exactly what I needed to see.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Weekend In Laguna...

Beach, that is. As evidenced by the lovely Pacific panorama behind yours truly.
Nasaem and I: Rooftop Lounge, Laguna Beach.

Since Nasaem and her husband have recently moved to Orange County, I've taken it upon myself - as only a native can - to show them around and to treat them to the best that OC has to offer. Not withstanding my usual aversion to to all things tourist-trap, I still love Laguna Beach. And the rad thing about the Rooftop Lounge/Kya Restaurant is that while it's on PCH, it's far enough away from the boardwalk area that it's not a zoo.

Okay, I pinky-swear that this isn't a plug - but try the seared Ahi sandwich. You can thank me later.

And on that note, I'm back to prepping for tomorrow's class. You remember that I'm studying virtues with some local children, yes? Well, they're awesome. Virtues and kids. I'll get back with an update (dare I say progress report?) after class tomorrow. Or... you know. Soon.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I Need to Get on This...

Clearly, I've even been neglectful of my reader - but seriously? On that billboard swing is exactly where I want to be right now.


Sorry I've been off the face... I'll try to get with the program soon - in the mean time! Pictures that made me smile.

Sunday, September 11, 2011


Via Le Love.

"Ten years ago today, the world did not change. We just got a glimpse of the appalling state we've been in for quite a while now and a heads-up of how much worse it'll get [unless and] until we accept and embrace the essential organic unity of mankind and overcome the barriers of prejudice... from both sides."

This tiny and poignant slice of awesome is courtesy of my good friend John.

Don't allow the sacrifice of so many to become a tool of hate and greed and disunity. Remember that love and peace are not only possible, they're essential.

Saturday, September 10, 2011


Airport landing via Bitte Ein Kuss.

5 weeks ago I landed at LAX and the phase of my life as a carefree expat drew to a close. Okay... I wasn't carefree. I care about things - but you're picking up what I'm putting down, yes?

Today also marks the conclusion of my first week in my new job! See. I'm careful. Ha. You see what I did there.

To a happy weekend!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

On Public Service Announcements...

If you've managed to go an entire day without googling anything... you may be unaware that today marks Freddie Mercury's 65th birthday. And so I thought that I'd do you all a solid and share one of my favorite Queen songs - and a little story in how this song resonates with almost everyone.

So... once upon a time, an extremely quirky young lady (c'est moi) found herself working in Newport Beach - at Fashion Island, of all places. If you've met me, you'll know that I'm not very "OC-y" (yes, that's a word) - but 10 years ago I was even driving a beat up pick-up truck. ...amidst a sea of black Mercedes Benz and BMWs. One evening, on my way to work, I pull up to a stop light and as per of course, I'm rocking out to a now extinct classic rock station that just so happens to be playing my theme song, ie. Queen's Somebody To Love.

Well, lo and behold, this guy - probably in his 50s, black Mercedes sedan, black 3-piece power suit - pulls up beside me, and is rocking out to the same song! Specifically, we were exercising a mad-hot air piano/drum/general percussion instrument solo circa 3:10-4:05. Okay, I mean me. I am a sucker for rocking out in the car. Your boy was singing along, however. I saw it with my eyes - about 10 seconds before we sort of sheepishly laughed at having been caught loving the same song.

But it's Queen - what's not to love? And there you have it, one of my favorite OC memories - courtesy Queen.

Friday, September 2, 2011

On The New 'Oil on Canvas'...

By which I mean: pictures on blog. Too much? I blame the prospect of a long weekend.

So as you may know... I start my new job on Tuesday after the Labor Day holiday! In honor of my last pre-work (vacation?) weekend, my good friend Nilou - of Perfectly Made Weddings fame - and I took a little field trip to the Getty Museum in L.A. As evidenced below, it was a gorgeous day!
The foyer of the Getty. If/when you guys come visit me (ahem), we'll go.
Party on the tram!
Ms. Nilou, herself!
Yo... overlooking el.ay.
Yes. I'm the champion of the self portrait universe.
Okay, so Rembrandt might have me there - but you know...
Imitation is the highest form of flattery?
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