Saturday, April 17, 2010

On Goings...

Scones via Simmer Till Done.

So I made 3 batches of scones this morning. The first I made were my trademark cranberry/almond scones for a devotional gathering (people coming together to pray and worship God) I hosted with a friend of mine, Jason. Jason and some other friends and I recently studied the first book in the Ruhi series of courses titled Reflections On the Life of the Spirit. Each book in the Ruhi series has a service component that can also be viewed as 'practical applications'. guessed it! Hosting a devotional gathering is the service for the first book. We had such a nice time this morning that we've decided to make it a regular thing.

I decided to make 2 more batches of scones for my water polo game tonight. I made another batch of the cranberry/almond - and a batch of blueberry with a simple blueberry glaze. The blueberry are quickly emerging as a crowd favorite! They're also really pretty because I use thawed frozen blueberries and the whole scone becomes a sort of periwinkle color.

Our game is in the greater Tel Aviv area tonight - in Petah Tiqva. Wish us luck, friends!

Also... I'm blonde again. Not as light as before - we're transitioning, so to speak. But (sigh) the really really pale gray is getting out of hand and the blonde hides it better than the brown. So much as I love being a brunette (and I really do...) it'll have to wait until I'm a baller. related news? I've been a blonde exactly 24 hours (again) and I'm already not getting jokes (...again). Sigh.

p.s. Meaning no disrespect to the person who baked the scones pictured (found via a random perusal of the world wide interwebs), mine look way (and I mean waaaaaaaay) better. I'm just not that proficient at taking pictures of the things I cook.

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