Saturday, February 21, 2009

I See London...

Down on the Thames - near the London Bridge.
It was freezing down there on the water, but such a beautiful and clear day!
I should have taken a notebook with me to jot down the things I was taking pictures of....
In Picadilly Circus: Her Majesty's Theatre

London's Calling...

For the record? I l.o.v.e. this place. In a 'have to find a way to get back asap' kind of way.
You should know that I'm also spreading a rumo(u)r that I'm good luck for London Town. Case in point: I got there {eventually, and let's keep the late jokes to ourselves, k?} on Monday and it was pouring rain. More rain than my hometown (shout out to Mission Viejo) gets in a year - and no one bats an eye... just another winter day in London.
Anyhow, it was meant to start snowing on Tuesday and continue through to the weekend.
Here comes the 'aimee piper is good luck' part - ready?
Not only did it not snow on Tuesday and Wednesday - the sun came out all glorious style! I even had to wear my sunglasses. I don't know that I can take full credit - but I'll take a little off the top, thanks.
As is evidenced by my 2 most recent posts, I've decided to give Her Majesty's spelling a test drive. For the most part, I still think it's cheating at Scrabble - but when in Rome, right?

We Interrupt This Program(me)...

So I'm finally back in lovely lovely Haifa - while I organize my thoughts, memories & etc. from my (FANTASTIC) vacation - let's all take a moment to reflect on how cool it would be to be in USC's marching band right now, hmmmmmmm?

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


So I have an interesting relationship with time. I am completely fascinated by it - and yet operate as though it doesn't really apply to me. I've bought calendars before - and I eventually recycle them into wrapping paper. I had a watch in 1999 - but they're not really for me. But ever since I've come to serve at the Bahá'í World Centre, I've tried to work on being more punctual. And I've mostly managed it. Of course living within a 4 minute walk of your office never hurt anyone....
What is all of this background for? Friends, I missed my flight to London-town.
I know!
I was so excited! But I was completely late for my flight - and even though they were still boarding when I got to the airport, there wouldn't have been enough time for me to go through security and etc. (All of this was explained to me calmly and even sympathetically as I slowly, yet surely, dissolved into near hysterics.) Le sigh. So I had the honor of staying in the airport over night - and once I had switched my flight around for the next available (only a cool 16 hours later - she says more than a little sarcastically) and got in touch with my hosts, I hunkered down with a good & thankfully long book and waited it out.
Sometimes these little lessons in punctuality are harder earned than others. least for yours truly.
And p.s? I love London.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Planes, Trains and Automobiles... Oh My!

So I'm off for (a much needed & anticipated) vacation to London & France - I'll be sure to take pictures & etc.
...gotta keep the fam in the loop!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Late To The Party....

So before I moved to Israel I didn't know that movies were released at different times in different countries - well, I knew.... But not really. Anyhow, I've finally seen Slumdog Millionaire. And loved it. If you haven't seen it (are you crazy?), do. Now.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Flaunt It When You've Got It?

A good vocabulary, that is....
I've told you how high my nerd factor is, right? How the dictionary (OED, please!) is seriously one of my favorite books? Well, I should tell you that I played a fantastic game of speed-Scrabble at lunch today. One hour - one game. But it seems that I'm not nerdy at all - oh no. I'm ahead of the curve!
Prototype of a Scrabble computer keyboard that is even MAC compatible - head's up courtesy of Coveiter.
And yes, that is the ever lovely Stella McCartney.
Image courtesy of I *Heart* You.

Shamelessly Impressed...

By 2 (I know! I'm hardly even in the loop anymore!) videos I've seen this week:
{ahem} Via Black*Eiffel.

And a surprisingly fun & innovative cell phone add (of all things) found courtesy of Molly of A Little House In The Clouds. Oh, and the add? Takes place in a Tube Station in Liverpool. Yeah, head's up to the UK. I'm coming - and expecting great things.
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