Saturday, April 17, 2010


I read an article recently - maybe the NYT, maybe WIRED... I don't remember now - about how humans reach a sort of saturation point with their tools (for lack of a better ie. "the correct" term). The article posits that we become so accustomed to a tool that we don't even realize that we're using it - this tool has become an extension of our brain, for all intents and purposes. ...we don't realize that we're using it until it fails to work in the way we expect, that is.

My thumb has become a tool that I definitely notice, now. By which I mean that I smashed the heck out of it (not apurpose, I'm not completely crazy!) in warm up for tonight's game. Sigh.

We didn't win the game - but we played very well. The game wound up being a very tight match - by the last couple of minutes it was really anyone's game. As for the scones, it turns out that 2 batches were too much. Live and learn, huh?!

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