Friday, April 16, 2010

Freudian Slips...

The picture below is courtesy a random go.og.le search for "best falafel" + Haifa. Now... pay close attention. The place on the right is known to be the best falafel place (not exactly a restaurant, not exactly a stand) in Haifa. Some argue that it's the best falafel in Israel. All I can say is forget what you thought you knew about falafel. This stuff will blow your mind - or at least your taste buds. And the brothers who run the place [I know. Family run places really are the best!] are just so sweet - they make everyone feel like family!

So funny little story from reading times tonight.... Bayan and I had less time together tonight than usual because I had a special practice for water polo tonight on account of our game this Saturday (more on that later). BUT! We are making really excellent progress with Harry Potter! My favorite part is that he's so excited by the story that he literally can't wait to find out what happens next.

Like tonight.

Bayan wanted to know when Harry Potter was going to find the Falafel Stone....

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