Tuesday, March 2, 2010

...Go Marching One By One

...hurrah, hurrah!

So Bahá’ís all over the world are Fasting. The Fast is a time for people to cleanse themselves, spiritually and materially, of all earthly defilements. Physically this means that I don't eat or drink water from sun-up to sun-down for 19 days. Spiritually I have been given an opportunity to pause and reflect on my relationship with God and to sort of figure out what that means to me - and of course to then do something about it.

Some super talented friends of mine (Amy, Kadria, Ryan, Sholeh - to name a few) have for the past couple of years collaborated to translate their intense personal reflections on such matters into the visual via photography. Specifically they have taken two pictures (morning and evening) every day during the Bahá’í Fast.... This year there is a book! The project is called Nineteen Days: dawns and dusks of theBahá’í Fast.

I give to you a preview:


montague said...

:) yay! happy first day of the fast dearest!

j'taimee said...

thanks, lovely - you too!

Kadria said...

thanks for the props! so excited for this year's 19 special days. miss being in haifa with you!

j'taimee said...

I miss you here, too K!

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