Tuesday, March 30, 2010

On We've Come A Long Way, Baby...

I may be infringing on a copyright somewhere... but I was thinking just now about the funny little phrases we use - even though our technology has taken us to a point where they're mostly out dated and quaint.

Like the one about watching a pot of water boil.

...I'm watching Little Mosque on the Prairie (great show - get on board. Seriously.) on 'tv for people who don't have tv' and I was thinking to myself - "self, watching the little red bar scoot across your screen isn't going to make that episode stream any faster".

No? Too much? Well, it's late - and I'm waiting for my cold medicine to kick in so I can (finally) get a good night's sleep.

Anyhow, last shout out for LMOTP - good wholesome fun. Do what you like, but I think I love this show.

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