Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A Regular Renaissance Woman...

There's this sort of unwritten tradition with the water polo team at Technion University here in Haifa... whenever there's a special occasion (birthday, graduation, Holy Day, etc.) the person to whom the 'special occasion' belongs brings treats.
I made cookies for the team (in honor of Naw Ruz - see below) and brought them in last night. No pictures, kids - but I trust you to know what homemade chocolate chip cookies look like.
Well... my efforts were completely rewarded last night!

One of the guys – when he tasted the cookies I made – said “you’re really wasting your time in the pool, you know? Well… you’re not – but these cookies are really good”.
Insert blush here.


Noby said...

Nice! Good you make them enjoy your baking skills as well :)

j'taimee said...

Where have you been!?!
...miss you.

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