Friday, March 26, 2010

On Spring Cleaning...

So this image first took my breath away in October 2008... I know this because I emailed it to Kadria and used at least 742 exclamation points. Yes... I'm being superlative, but it's my story.
Image courtesy Ruby Press

Anyhow, so I keep getting messages from my computer telling me that my "inbox is almost full". Clearly we all know that I'm the opposite of tech-savvy, so I don't really know what the pie chart explaining my kilobyte (or mega? whatevs...) usage/consumption rate - but I do get that it's time to scroll through the good old 'archives' and see if there's anything I can live without.
Maybe I'll just have to construct a virtual shoebox to keep old letters and photos in... I find these little files to be extremely useful when I need a mid-day pick me up: pretty pictures can sometimes be more effective than a cup of coffee, don't you think?

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