Wednesday, July 21, 2010

So the black gold is running pretty freely these days - and I think that even the Beverly Hillbillies would be uncomfortable.... This picture was taken by the folks of Green Peace and more can be viewed here.

The thing that's completely crazy to me [okay, it's all crazy - and yes, I know that I'm being superlative. Again...] is that 'experts' are talking about this spill (this one is in China) like it's no big deal because it's only going to run "people" (oh... the magical, mysterious and anonymous people who get to deal with the aftermath of greedy mistakes) $50,000,000 - yup, that's 50 million dollars - as opposed to billion.

All the while trying to figure out whose fault it all is and wondering if the oil is insured so that the insurance company will kick in its share of the 'disaster relief'.

Here's a thought - and I might sound crazy, but we've talked about that before - what if we cleaned up the mess first and THEN worried about blame ...if it's still that important to you.

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