Wednesday, July 21, 2010

But Then I Was Like...

Courtesy the Sartorialist
*Link to your right*

So I had the opportunity to participate in a photo shoot tonight with my friend Negin whose aim was to capture the diversity of staff serving at the Baha'i World Centre.
**More on this later.

In anticipation of this, I decided to wear pink - because almost everyone looks good [I mean truly alive] in this color. And then I saw this photo on the Sartorialist's blog and thought perfect!

But then I spotted the picture in the post below... and it just completely blew my mind.

It is no longer possible, I feel, to consider these things (oil spills, leaks, etc.) as freak or isolated events. I hope my frustration with blame placing (as seen below) isn't too off-putting, but I really feel that everyone should have to sit and think of positive and viable clean-up solutions until these spills are cleaned. Rocket scientists, politicians, students, stay-at-home- moms, lawyers (maybe not doctors), but even fashionistas and hipsters.

We've all got ideas - and we certainly all have a vested interest in promoting and facilitating the wise stewardship of our humble little planet - you know... home.

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