Saturday, July 24, 2010

In A Nutshell...

Image courtesy Bitte Ein Kuss.

Some minor updates - that are actually pretty cool and amazing. Okay, they're not going to change your world - but I'm still proud.... Right. Getting on with it, already.

I had dinner with some friends last night before catching Inception (!!!) and while it was just a sandwich and an iced coffee... I placed the entire order in Hebrew - including pleasantries and divulging the 'not-so-secret' that I'm still learning Hebrew but am practicing. I felt so proud!

I also experimented with a new scone flavor yesterday - and they were DELICIOUS! I had initially wanted to make a pineapple upside-down cake... but realized too late that I didn't have white cake mix. [So I make cakes from the boxed mix... sue me.] But I did have ingredients for scones [that I - ironically? - make from scratch] I made "pineapple upside-down scones". So tasty and lovely! And a big hit with the movie going friends.

Yes, Americans... you heard that right. In Israel (maybe in other countries - not sure) it is permissible to bring non-concession stand food to the theater. Yes... it IS glorious.

And last among what amounts to a string of pretty random thoughts [I need to get more serious about 'bed times'.] - how awesome and necessary is this picture right now?


Sautch said...

But what about the subtitles? You know when they are speaking Chinese at the beginning? I always have this fear, even now that i'm not in Israel, that the subtitles in a movie are going to pop up in Hebrew.

j'taimee said...

Yeah - the Chinese in the beginning was subtitled in Hebrew. You should have seen Avatar here! 1/4 of the movie was lost on me!
...but I can be thankful they don't dub as in other countries.

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