Wednesday, July 14, 2010

An Open Letter, Of Sorts...

Calendar picture courtesy

Okay, so maybe it's a complaint of sorts... but since we're now in the middle of July - and my birthday falls in this month (thereby making me particularly sensitive to the topic of discussion) - I feel a need to share.

Why is it that in EVERY calendar ever made that the worst picture of the 12 will invariably be the one assigned to July? Don't think I don't check - I totally do.

This year, as with every year - sometime between December and February - the stay at home craft/design blogger set will post thousands upon thousands of pictures and posts on DIY (or please buy) calendars.

**I wish I were exaggerating - it's actually exasperating, by which I mean "thanks for the 'read all' button"....

I've given up on printed calendars, but my dear fellow (and clearly date loving) bloggers/interweb purveyors - please use a nice picture for July.

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