Tuesday, May 11, 2010

500 Days of Aimee Piper...

Okay, I know... let's not get too carried away (and shamelessly rip blog titles from awesome movie titles.) - but seriously? Sometimes I feel like I live in a musical.
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So you may remember that I regularly feel as though I'm in my own little world when I'm listening to music... even when I'm on the go. Well last night as I was walking across campus to water polo practice I was rocking out big time. Okay, technically I was listening to classical Irish folk music - but the violins were kicking (it all sounded very "beef. It's what's for dinner.) and as I was walking I may have been (definitely) dancing a little too.

Did I tell you the part where I was at that moment on a university campus (Technion - big shout out) and that the sidewalk I was on was pretty packed? Yeah - it's how I (rock and) roll.

Right... puns aside, I see this guy walking towards me - and all of a sudden he starts imitating my sweet dance moves (which may have included - though were unlikely limited to bobbing my head in time with the music and a little "air percussion"). Naturally I laugh aloud ...at that point it was about 50/50 embarrassment to hilarity "this is my life" factor... and give the head nod/universal sign of acknowledgement.

Friends - the part that happened next is excerpted from my real life and is not a case of wishful thinking or an over-active imagination. He put his hand up and we gave each other a solid 'high 5' in passing and kept on our separate ways. You do remember how well I like high 5s, right!?!

As Ray pointed out today at lunch, I could not have orchestrated that moment better if I'd tried. And while I'll probably never see that guy again, I'd like to put it out into the universe... thanks. That was really cool. Oh - and I like your sense of humor.


. said...

Aimee Piper, you are even the protagonist of MY life. Hi 5. Po.

j'taimee said...

Hahaha. Thanks, Po.

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