Monday, May 17, 2010

Hear Ye... Hear Ye!

Head's up courtesy Tralalere - cheers.
So about 6 months - maybe longer - ago, my homeopath suggested that I begin incorporating daily affirmations into my routine. To enter a space where I was more completely caring for myself. We can call it a wellness paradigm shift, I suppose.

This little girl kills it! I love the way she just looks straight in the mirror and tells it like it is - a neat little package of things she's thankful for and capable of... you may know them by their other names: everything and anything, respectively.

I really suggest you to try it, though. Acknowledging the positive things in your life, your strengths and capacities. I don't think that this is akin to exercising one's vanity factor - I think of it more as keeping it real.

Keep up the positivity, friends.

1 comment:

Shira19 said...

This is awesome! Thanks for Sharing Aimee (sorry it took so long to actually come and watch it!!)

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