Monday, May 3, 2010

A Moment In Time...

Water Polo Tournament
Technion University
Haifa, Israel

So in addition to all of the water polo I play with the Maccabi Haifa women's team, I also workout with the men's team at Technion University here in Haifa sometimes. This weekend (yesterday, specifically) they hosted an intercollegiate tournament and I naturally went to support my friends.

Also yesterday the New York Times organized a global photo opportunity (peep the link for information). The idea was that at a specific time (that translated to 6pm in Israel) photographers - be they novice or professional and everything between - were to take a single picture, and then we (they?) would wind up with a global snapshot (pun intended) of a single moment in time. So the above picture marks my submission.

Reunited with a digital camera ...and it feels so good. I'm not really sure that this will make a big difference here in this space, I realize that I'm sort of lazy when it comes to these things and I don't want to disappoint...?

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