Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Image courtesy Le Love.

I think about love ...rather a lot. I think that too many people enter a relationship only considering what they themselves have to gain. I don't really have too much experience in this arena - I'm mostly just thinking out loud... but I imagine that if we were to reexamine and purify our motives for entering into a relationship - romantic or otherwise - with another that we, as a society, would notice a measurable increase in our happiness and productivity.

Maybe I'm being too formulaic (and so I ask that you please excuse my naivety) but how cool would it be if merging (ahem) corporations focused more on the product of their union than their potential material or image gains?

Afternoon realizations: With self, less is always more ...and lose the ish. As you were.

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N. said...

i like this, and LOVE the image! I'd wear it if it were a t-shirt.

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