Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Operation NICE: Homework Style...

A few years ago at New Years, my grandma and I (HI Nana!) decided to make the same resolution. We decided that when someone paid us a compliment that we would accept it graciously and say thank you instead of trying to deflect it out of a misplaced sense of modesty or, worse still, insecurity. I still work on this; mostly because I think that multiple generations of women have been raised to either avoid attention altogether - or to play the coquette to ever new and sickening degrees. I feel, sometimes, that by honestly thanking the person who has so kindly complimented me - that I almost take them aback or catch them off guard. ...but I digress.
I read a really interesting post on Operation NICE today (you should check it out, it's really quite amazing - conceptually and actually) about making a Love List. The aim of this particular Love List, though, would be those things that you love about yourself.... Easier said than done, hmmm?
I love when I make people laugh, I love that I still learn new things everyday, I love that I’m friendly, I love my smile (this is a new one for me – and it feels really nice to say that and mean it), I love that my eyes match whatever color of blue I wear, I love how tall I am (also a new one for me…), I love that I am creative, I love that I am passionate about art, music, literature, people, life…. I love my nerd factor, I love being a Bahá’í, I love being a woman, I love my family – which makes me :: me!

Ps. how rad is this picture?!? ...almost as rad as the blog I found it on.


N. said...

love this image! (pun intended)

j'taimee said...

...reason 243 I love you, joon! English major jokes are never old!

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