Tuesday, November 11, 2008

My Imagination Wins... Again

I don't really have so much of a story today - or, at least not one I want to share. But I thought I'd share this picture, at least - you might like (ahem. love) pretty things, too. Suffice it to say that my imagination has created a scenario involving me sitting on this bench (not too hot, not too cold - with a perfect little breeze) and this band playing this song just out of view.
I hope you enjoy my daydreams as much as I do!
...because sharing is caring, right?

ps. If you haven't seen Penelope, yet - I highly recommend it!
pps. The artist of the above (although I've played around with the original) is Leonid Afremov. Support the artist!


Niloufar said...

I love this photo!!! Its very impressionist!

Chessa said...

beautiful indeed.

j'taimee said...

through a circuitous route, i learned of this artist from my friend, Will. i understand that this gentleman lives here in Israel. if you ever get a chance to check him out, you'll see that his work is very vivacious.

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