Friday, November 21, 2008

Curious and Curiouser...

So last night on our walk (yay for walking again!) I was trying to explain to Nazy the 'consumerist mall culture' that is my home town. ...about how I used to regularly swing by the mall (most usually the Spectrum) on my way home from work and just generally check things out. I likened it to the way you may check out the blogs/sites you favor daily.
You may swing to Barnes for a coffee and a read - but on the way you window shop the new trends, people watch (almost my favorite sport), and eventually check the headlines on the Times, Harpers, VF (etc.) - all before popping upstairs to the New Release section to see if there's anything you can't live without.
With me?
Well... in my tour of all things I like virtually (or do I virtually like them?), I found this site! His name is Christopher David Ryan - and I quite like what I see.... Now I have all kinds of new pictures to make up stories to!
...Looking forward to this day.
These 2 are just so completely rad!
Thanks for indulging me in my excitement....

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