Saturday, November 29, 2008

From the Vault...

As promised - more new(ly developed) pictures....
As Kalila and Kadria can attest, I was up on this trolley forever!
I was like Crouching Tiger, Hidden Photographer....
I wish that my other pictures of this had turned out - cest la vie, no?
But it was rad, trust.
I took this picture of Kalila as she was trying to fix her bag.
She looked really endearingly earnest.
Now that I see the picture, I really like the angles of it - like a zig zag sort of effect.

This picture I had to crop the heck out of!
It's taken in the heart of the street bazaar in downtown Tel Aviv.
*note to self: need flash*
But I really dig the way the fruit is lit in this shot.
It sort of reminds me of how obvious early Christian and even Rennaissance artists were in letting their audience know what about the piece was the subject - or, in certain conversations, what was good and of God.
I guess you should eat fruit?
...a message from my camera.

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