Friday, October 24, 2008

One Coin: Two Sides

Full (okay, only partial) disclosure: I spent my formative years swimming, running, jumping, climbing, playing in the mud with trucks (and reading...). In fact, I didn't wear a "non event" dress until I was 20. Of course I've made up for that in exponential leaps and bounds (if such a thing is even possible) with my fairly recent and voracious appetite for fashion.
So I saw this picture yesterday & I had a moment of "real world envy". I realize that I'm in the real world - albeit a world sans Target, Chinatown, and pretty much everything I can think of to assist in the replication of this picture. Sigh. Different countries, different conveniences, different aesthetics....
But then (!) at work this morning - okay, so it was like 15 minutes ago - I saw a mongoose in the garden in front of my desk! And then there were more and more until there were 5 mongooses (5 mongeeses?) HA.HA.HA. That, my friends, was the signifier of the start to a fantastic day - a reminder of the little girl aimee piper: the one who would throw herself bodily on the ground and try to figure out what was before her. And I'm still that girl - except now I like to host dinner parties where we can all talk about what new and cool things we did that day!

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