Sunday, October 12, 2008

...Are We There, Yet?

15 months ago I met these beautiful, bright, sunshiney-smiley-faced people for the first time. Meet my orientation group - well, 2/3 of us anyhow. Strange to think that more than 1/2 of us are now back in our respective corners of the world - going to school or working.
When we began our individual and collective service, we were strangers - and now I think we are family. Or if not family, then something very close and special. Certainly better than simply friends.
Indulge me why I think outloud, hmmm? I was reading my OED (don't hate, congratulate) and I came across the word conflagration (noun): a large and destructive fire; from the Latin. Well, directly below this is conflate (verb): combine into one. The origin here is also from the Latin, conflare 'kindle, fuse'. I believe that our service together, here in the Holy Land, has enlightened us, made us stronger, brighter and more ready for the world - and made us, if not quite family, more than friends.
Big shout out to the Bahá’í World Centre orientation group of July 2007 - where ever you are, whatever you're doing!


::{J}:: said...

Hey, about that Urban plumage...I've made a few clips with feathers & clips from Michaels that I just arranged and glued to a piece of felt. Then I hot glued that to the clip. I'm sure you could add jewels or whatever to spice it up!

amy said...

aaaaaaw, orientation love!

j'taimee said...

Thanks for the 'how to' - I appreciate you!

Seriously, right?

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