Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Life in the Fishbowl...

So my office is located in what is commonly referred to as the fishbowl. This is because one of the walls is made entirely of glass - and it's curved. One of my favorite stories involving former Universal House of Justice member Mr. Grossman is when he said that we had very pretty fishes in our fishbowl. {Insert blush here}
Well... thanks to My Constant Photographer (get it? okay, good), I now have concrete evidence! Ladies & gentlemen, it is my pleasure to introduce Ladies Night on the Town, also known as Fun With a Fisheye Lens: Volume II!

We so crazy!

Shar & I

Jamak & I
*Modern Interpretations of the Fish Face Classic*

The Fab 5
Kalila, Shar, Yo, Jamak, Kadria

We 3 Queens of Israel

Jamak & I
*Location: Amazing Ratan Hammock Seat Thing*
ps. This excursion doubled as 2 birthday parties & a farewell - wishing Shar (and Rich) all the best in New Zealand!


Chessa said...

I love these photos. I've really been enjoying your writing lately...even if I don't comment, I come here often.

kadria said...

thanks, chessa, they were fun photos to take! and thanks aimee for the shout out. i say ditto to chessa in that i don't always comment, but come here often, almost daily :) love your writing and the way you see the world.

j'taimee said...

Thank you, ladies!

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