Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Gimme A Beat...!

This is probably my new favorite Beyonce video... so amazing! And I love (l.o.v.e!) that it was inspired by Mrs. Obama's campaign against childhood obesity. You can read the full article here in the NYT. ...head's up courtesy Mrs. O.

In other news... some friends and I went to Turkey this weekend; to a tiny little sleepy beach front village called Kemer in the state (province?) of Antalya. I'm afraid that what happened in Turkey will largely have to stay in Turkey... because I didn't take any pictures save one. I know... typical!

The girls and I did go dancing one night though - for, like, all of 10 minutes. Sigh. I think, nay - I know! - that had the DJ been playing music like this I could have danced all night a la Eliza Doolittle. Alas.

Anyhow... sorry I was off the face - for those of you who check in upon occasion. Oh! Hey Mom!

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