Saturday, December 11, 2010

...(Un)Comfortably Numb

My friend David recommended this particular TED Talk to me this evening when the topic of community building and integration of diversity came up. We were thinking of ways to encourage activities that contribute to the positive discourse of society, but that arise from individual initiative at the grassroots level - but that are still inclusive and diverse. And he said that we need to learn to be a little more vulnerable.

I think that vulnerability is definitely something I struggle with [particularly as I'm a clinical diagnosis away from OCD]. When she got to the part about our (MY) obsession with perfection, I really had to stop and reconsider my initial reaction; which was to think "um... yes. It's totally possible to do everything. Watch me."

You should know that the times throughout the year that I get sick, run down, or just completely lose my shhhhhh are as a direct result of trying to do too much and spreading myself too thin. And I know this. And I still caught myself thinking that I could do everything. By myself. And be strong and independent.

But I've been thinking lately that what I need is help. Like I need people to accompany on my journey of life, in my myriad activities. Not because I, Aimee Piper, suck at life... but because I think that all of us - as humans - have been designed to need help. Which forces us to create community, unity and harmony.

So yeah. I'm still sort of thinking out loud about life... this time a little more specifically about being a grown-up woman/positive, contributing member of society. But I think that I'd like to explore the strength in being vulnerable. Wish me luck!

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Sholeh said...

Agreed. We are BUILT to rely on each other. It is still a struggle for me to reach out sometimes. :-) I hear ya!

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