Tuesday, December 14, 2010

This Place of Transition...

Bayan and I - first seen here.

You may have heard me wax... well, a myriad of emotions about Bayan. You've known him as my reading buddy, KISS' biggest smallest fan, the polyglot wunderkid, my partner in fieldtrip crime.... But he's really just my friend.

And I've just learned that he and his family are moving back to Australia. And since the school year begins in January down there, they're leaving in 3 weeks.

So if I seem a little mope-y or morose, you can guess why. Also, if you want to cheer me up by letting me read Harry Potter (and the Chamber of Secrets) with you, I'm your girl. I even do different voices for the different characters. All in a charming "British" accent.

But I tell you truly, full disclosure moment, learning that Bayan and his family are leaving? The saddest news I've had, yet. And people leave the Baha'i World Centre to embark in new fields of service and undertake new adventures all.of.the.time! *Sigh.*

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