Sunday, December 19, 2010

April Revisited...

In April some very dear friends of mine :: Jean-Pierre and Bahiyyih :: got married here in Haifa. He's from France, she's from South Africa - such a lovely and international celebration! Anyhow, since I suck at taking pictures... better late than never?
Nava and I - up to our usual shenanigans, I'm sure.
Neda and I - just after the ceremony, if memory serves...
Cool and the gang...
aka Jubin, Nava, Will Y yo.

On a totally vain side note... I kind of miss the darker hair. What do you guys think? Keep it light, or back to dark?'s also cool if you don't care. It's not like the color of my hair will solve world hunger, or anything. As you were. [Insert sheepish grin - slash - wry wink here.]

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