Friday, December 3, 2010

Look Alive...

This is Adele. Most of you probably already love her - she DID get 2 grammy's last year for her beautiful song "Chasing Pavement". This rocking jam, "Rolling in the Deep", is off her new album 21 - set to drop in 'early 2011. ...whatever that means.

In completely other news, Mt. Carmel is on fire. This is the worst fire in at least 10 years (per the BBC). The international community has been really amazing in their offer of aid - fire fighting planes from Greece, Russia, Jordan, Turkey. The problem is that Israel is in a serious drought and the weather today reached a high of 84F. Worse still is that the winds are really starting to pick up.... Your prayers and positive thoughts are welcome; even on the other side of the mountain from the fire, the smoke is a tangible thing.

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