Thursday, October 21, 2010


As evidenced by my first post of the day, it's been an interesting week for the news. I read two articles this afternoon that really gave me pause.
The first was about a woman in England who wanted to do something nice for her mother-in-law's 50th birthday. So she (and 40 of her closest FB friends) gathered 600 loaves of bread and created a 9,852 piece "toast mosaic" of her MIL's face (pictured below, courtesy MSNBC.)

This afternoon I read the Weekly Review in Harper's Magazine (as is my habit), and chanced upon this article.

Owing to a famine in Zimbabwe, families are trading (selling) their daughters for maize (corn).

Oh... all of the toasted bread from the mosaic? Fed the birds.

Thinking out-loud style? What if next time the nearly 10,000 piece bread mosaic of love is redrafted as 5,000 sandwiches for the hungry?

So if you were thinking to break this particular Guinness World Book Record. Please don't.

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