Friday, October 29, 2010

Choose Your Own Adventure...

So this video likely exceeds the parameters of the little space that is typically provided on this page. Sincerest apologies.

Because I was seriously just getting the hang of the optimal viewing size ratio.

But that's not really important in this case, anyhow. What is important is that my friend Andy Grammer has created an interactive video! What you see above is the one I made...

But that's only kind of cool - I'm actually curious to know what the video YOU design looks like!

So here's the fun part! Check the link above and make your own video for Andy's new single "Keep Your Head Up" - and then post the link for your version in the comments field. Oh, and tell me your name (even if it's your super top secret Ninja-web name) and where you're from.

Because it's interactive

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