Saturday, October 23, 2010

Champion of the World...

Not my Halloween costume.
...however boss that would be.

In August 2009, a friend and I created a little eddy in the rushing rapids of the world wide interwebs. It would be a place where we could chronicle our more... shall we say awkward moments.

And it was glorious. Having a home for all of those times where you just want to shake your head and roll your eyes, thinking - what in the world were you thinking? Well it provided a necessary level of detachment. And they're funny stories. My clutz factor is not to be underestimated, friends!

But then I started Access to Praxis - and the kicker was that I wanted to use my real name. So I had to give up my super top secret anonymous internet identity. And since it's kind of moot to have an anonymous blog with a 'full disclosure' identity, I thought I'd let you in on the joke.

The Innocent Have Been Changed. If and when (things I think are) really funny things happen to me I tend to file them away there. True stories. Anonymous people. Except me.


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