Wednesday, September 22, 2010

What Women Want...

I had a conversation with my mom this morning... we were trying to make a decision, and it came down to two lines:
"Just tell me what you want."
"Well... sometimes I don't know what I want."

...and this is the sad, bleak truth about so many women. We've been conditioned to not want anything - to not have any desires (beg to differ? I'm getting there.) - and to really be passive participants in our lives. To the point that we don't really know what we want.

The goal is to create a global community of active thinkers [except for advertisers - they're totally cool with the passive and malleable edition. More thoughts on this topic here.] - dynamic participants and agents of change for a better world.... And too many of us "just don't know".
This is why I've begun making lists about the things that are important to me - things I can be really passionate about - in the hope that I can start to recognize patterns of interest and areas I feel confident and capable. Because the fact that have no idea what I want to do is, frankly, daunting and more than a little terrifying.

Am I hoping that Dr. Ross will show up in his fancy doctor's costume, place his electric hands on my heart and BAM! - I wake up with a clearly defined and fulfilling career path? No... I've never really been that in to George Clooney - I know... I'm probably alone in that. But I would love for a little strike of inspiration.

...I think that might just be up to me, though. Clear! [insert little E.R. sound effects here.]

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