Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Use It Or Lose It...

A bike.
From someplace I forget on the interwebs.

In 2008 my driver's lisence expired. I had every intention of renewing my driving privileges upon return to California - but then I realized that I'd have to hang out with 300 of my closest friends for 6 hours in the mind-boggling bureucratic and maze-like nightmare that is the department of motor vehicles. I decided that I didn't have enough patience for that kind of thing...

Except I've been in southern California for 4.5 weeks. You know - the place where nobody walks? Yeah. That one.

So I dusted off the bike hanging out in my parent's garage and took it for a couple of spins around the neighborhood.

Friends, it appears that I now suck at riding a bike. Oh... I remember how - the adage is true. But I find myself wanting a cushier seat and wondering why (oh why!) is it so hard to peddle this thing!?

Sigh.... I guess I'm not as ready for Copenhagen as I thought, huh?

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