Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A Buck Ten...

Yesterday - for those of you not addicted to the weather channel - was the hottest day in the history of Southern California. Okay... so it was the hottest day on record in downtown L.A. An entire 113 degrees!

For those of you not in the Fahrenheit world that is 45 degrees! It was even 108 in San Clemente - and 110 in sunny Mission Viejo.

And I thought that I'd have to spend my whole vacation in a cardigan....
Saba Y Yo.
Naturally Saba and I found ourselves at the buck of star for a mid-evening cuppa reunion... because this is the OC and there's so much going on. Okay - that was out loud. I shouldn't get mad at suburban/lights out by 9 lifestyle - I'm technically its product.

But I'm almost finished packing for my flight home to Israel tomorrow - and I'm actually really happy to be going back. This doesn't mean I won't miss my people - but it's going to be really nice to get back in the swing of things, so to speak.

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