Monday, September 20, 2010

Super Top Secret Ninja Powers...

I got to hang out in the park today with my brother, my folks, my dad's in-town siblings & spouses, my in-town cousins/spouses and their awesome kids - plus 200 of their closest friends, an awesome live band and a giant yellow fin tuna in Laguna Beach for the annual fish fry my uncle hosts.

But the highlight of the day was a conversation I had with my cousin Kyle's 4 year old son. He was very excited to see that the band playing in the park and a kid on drums (he was maybe 12 or 13 - and really good).

"Look! A kid!
"Yes, cool! Do you think that you would like to play an instrument when you grow up? Maybe the drums or a guitar?"
"No. I'm going to be a super hero."
"Oh yeah? What kind - what will your powers be?"
**After some serious consideration**
"I will be able to eat carbs and not get fat."

Okay - I could be projecting... it's possible that he said CARS (a la the Transformers, or something) and I heard him wrong. Um... the band was loud?

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