Thursday, February 18, 2010

Reading... Meet Rainbow

Bayan and I are still reading - he's really liking Harry Potter! A couple of weeks ago, his mom told me how well he did on an English quiz he'd had, so I wrote him a quick note of congratulations to let him know how very proud I am of him - well last week I got a letter back from Bayan when I got to class.

My heart almost burst, I was so happy!

Anyhow, I've got this collection of old postcards I picked up at a second-hand shop (the Clothing Exchange, for those 'in the know') and one of them had the image above (Van Gogh: The Sower) on it... I decided it would be an excellent card to send Bayan's way. Afterall, he did use real stationary last week!
I tell you, that kid knows the way to a girl's heart!

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