Friday, February 19, 2010

The Big Dance...

I have my first Israeli water polo game (first water polo game in Israel?) tomorrow. I'm pretty stoked. I'm truthfully a little nervous... I learned last week that I'll be playing 2 quarters in the field - and then 2 quarters at my usual position in the goal.


I haven't played even a minute in the field since I was 16 - but we'll see. If it doesn't kill me, it'll make me stronger, right?
The raddest part is that some friends of mine here at the Bahá'í World Centre have organized a sherut full of people (fans. I have fans!) to come out and watch since the game will be in a nearby town. This is actually one of the nicest things that's ever happened to me! I don't think a single friend - much less 10 - has ever been to a game of mine before!
Anyhow, wish us luck, kids.... I'll post updates after the game or sometime early next week!
*disclaimer* This is not my team, the image is courtesy - circa page 5 or 6 ("women's water polo").


montague said...

aaaaaaaaaw! have fun and break a leg!!!! wish i could be there to cheer you on.

j'taimee said...

I accept 'there in spirit' cheers - I'm equal opportunity!
...and thanks for the encouragement, btw!

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