Friday, November 6, 2009

Woman About Town...

...and other goings on this fine November weekend.

Bayan has finally agreed to read Harry Potter. Praise the Lord - and trust me when I tell you that it was about t.i.m.e! He doesn't much care for the muggles, in fact he reeked of boredom with the story (gasp! I know!) until Dumbledore came on the scene.....

I'm continuing my coalescence of plans for my spring trip to London.

Engaging in some elevated conversation - shaping the discourse of society... beginning with organizing and honing my own thoughts and mind.

Having a huge and overwhelming girl crush on Michelle Obama. ...okay, I think I have a crush on her whole family. Further evidence of why the First Lady is my homegirl:
December's issue of Glamour will honor 12 women as "Woman of the Year." Popular icons that have overcome serious challenges or given back to society are recognized by the fashion magazine. Among the winners are Maya Angelou, Rihanna, Serena Williams, Susan Rice and, of course, Michelle Obama.
The First Lady is interviewed by guest writer Katie Couric, and she gives this great advice to women still looking for love...
"Cute's good. But cute only lasts for so long. Then it's 'Who are you as a person?' Don't look at the bankbook or the title. Look at the heart. Look at the soul. When you're dating a man, you should always feel good."

Going to Bahjí this weekend.... So looking forward! Not least because I have a lot of important decisions looming on my horizon and could use a little consultative and meditative time with God.

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