Saturday, February 21, 2009

London's Calling...

For the record? I l.o.v.e. this place. In a 'have to find a way to get back asap' kind of way.
You should know that I'm also spreading a rumo(u)r that I'm good luck for London Town. Case in point: I got there {eventually, and let's keep the late jokes to ourselves, k?} on Monday and it was pouring rain. More rain than my hometown (shout out to Mission Viejo) gets in a year - and no one bats an eye... just another winter day in London.
Anyhow, it was meant to start snowing on Tuesday and continue through to the weekend.
Here comes the 'aimee piper is good luck' part - ready?
Not only did it not snow on Tuesday and Wednesday - the sun came out all glorious style! I even had to wear my sunglasses. I don't know that I can take full credit - but I'll take a little off the top, thanks.
As is evidenced by my 2 most recent posts, I've decided to give Her Majesty's spelling a test drive. For the most part, I still think it's cheating at Scrabble - but when in Rome, right?


Sholeh said...

I started writing in the British style in Haifa, it was fairly easy to switch over. And then I came back to the USA and had to switch back. :-)

j'taimee said...

hahahahha. yeah, that is wont to happen here - if things go according to my current plan, however... I won't have to switch back.

amy said...

oh you lucky girl, hanging out in my most favorite, former home. i miss it so!!!

j'taimee said...

I'm with you, Amy - I seriously love that place. must get back!

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