Monday, November 30, 2009

Upon Further Reflection...

I think of myself as a somewhat awkward person - I'm a bit clumsy, if you will. If there's a wall to be walked into, I will find it; likewise the crack in the sidewalk that lies in wait for unsuspecting people to trip up. I have mastered (equally well, I might add) the awkward silence and its opposite: the unintelligent babble meant to mask silence that somehow just makes everything more uncomfortable.

But I've been reflecting and meditating on grace. Grace in all its meanings: elegance of movement, polite good will (okay, maybe I haven't thought about this definition so much), and the unearned favor of God. I was particularly thinking of the latter definition and how God's grace pours continually on us - whether or not we're prepared to receive it.

[For example, if you wish to feel the rain on your face, but insist on looking at the ground... it doesn't mean it's not raining - it means you haven't placed yourself in such a way as to feel it on your face.]

So then I got to thinking about what it is to be graceful. And I am. Now I just need to figure out how to manifest it more consciously!

Dear DHD... sorry for the half-formed and corny than usual (even for me) pun. I hope you're enjoying your family time, pilgrimage & pow wows, respectively.

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