Wednesday, October 28, 2009

New and (Not So) Different...

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Head's up: courtesy Naysan
So I've been getting hate mail that rhymes with 'why don't you love us anymore' from the family. ...okay, I'm being superlative - relax! But I have been a little lax with the ongoings here in the land o' aimee piper.
This is mostly because I don't think that anything I do is that extraordinary - but I also realize that somehow curating the world-wide-interweb is insufficient to keeping the family posted.
*Sidenote to Will, Ray & Raf (you may also know them as the genius behind DogHouseDiaries - yes, I'm name dropping... but I'm proud of my uber-talented friends, and I'm wont to digress): pun very much intended.
I've joined a water polo team here in H-Town. It's good to get back in the water and do something besides chase a line (much as I do like to swim, it can be boring).
I tutor a little boy whose parents also serve at the Bahá'í World Centre in English - specifically reading English. I'm really proud of Bayan; English is his fourth language, and he's only 8 years old!
I've recently begun taking painting lessons here - this is fun and therapuetic - and I find that it's helping with my photography. All good things!
It's still in the 80s here - starting to think longingly of cooler weather... to that end, I'm in the beginning stages of planning another trip to London. This time I plan to join the local Bahá'í community in its efforts to share the message and teachings of Bahá'u'lláh.
Okay, so that's what I'm about - sorry for the 'massness', I love you all!

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