Thursday, May 28, 2009

Nothing But Net...

Lionel Messi's amazing header
Three years ago - almost to the day - I was in the midst of coming down with pneumonia... and the only thing on t.v. was World Cup Soccer. I had never seen a game before, and here I was - watching an entire tournament. [yes, I know. The biggest tournament ever]
Well, since I've been outside of the United States (where soccer's not really a big deal), I've been learning a lot about the game. So much that in certain circles I even call it football! So last night I got to watch the championship game (of what, I'm still not sure - baby steps, kids) with my football tutor, Naysan.
Friends, I'm going to say it here - I'm spreading a rumor that I'm good luck for Barcelona FC. Yes, I know that this rumor is not dissimilar to the rumo(u)r about me being good luck for London's weather. But let's look at the facts, hmmmmmm?
P.S. Sorry I couldn't find a better photo of Messi's header in the 70th minute - but, as an athlete, let me tell you that it was a.m.a.z.i.n.g! You should have seen it, seriously.

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