Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Everyday Is Like...

I like music - a lot, and since I'm a caring individual, I like to share the good things that come my way.... There's a (relatively) new guy here - Dion - from UK, and we happen to enjoy similar tastes in music. The funny thing is that friends of ours have been telling me about bands that I've been recommending to them for months, and saying how glad they are that Dion has introduced them to said band (or individual).

Funny story:
So yesterday at lunch Matt [last name Morrissey] & Ash were talking about karaoke – and Matt starts talking about all of the performance possibilities now a part of his repertoire. He starts tossing out band names willy-nilly – including the Smiths.
Except I didn’t understand him at first…. Surely he didn’t say what I thought he did. *It should be noted that when I learned his name, I was a little taken aback at his (apparently former) attitude towards Morrissey* To clarify, he says “yeah, you know – Morrissey [points to his chest] Morrissey” as though that tied up all of the loose ends and somehow made the Smiths compatible with a karaoke machine.

Noting my still confused expression, he told me that (courtesy of Dion) the greatest hits were slowly, yet surely, making their rounds in the office.
Matt: “I used to think that only nancy boys listened to the Smiths and Morrissey – and it’s true, except that I’m a nancy boy now (insert proud, sheepish grin) – so it’s okay”.

Maybe everything really does sound better in a British accent.


Nazy said...

Utter hilarity. This story and Matt's observations were brought to you by Dion's loan to me of The Smith's album in an attempt to have me schooled in them, once and for all. Seeing as though Matt sits next to me in the office, he was privy to the loan. I can now finally say that yes, The Smiths are tres good, and yes, i likes em.

j'taimee said...

You’re hilarious.

You’re the impetus of my frustration with D’s smartly accented musical recommendations in more ways than one, it appears….

Bon Iver, much?

N. said...

pipes you crack me up

j'taimee said...

hahaha. Glad...

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