Thursday, May 7, 2009

...Spring's Eternal

Sometimes I wax poetic about things - and other times I'm so excited by a thing that I don't even want to waste time talking about it! Take the recent visit I had from my friend Hoda, for example. One would think that she never even came - much less that I was bouncing with excitement for days and days and days!
Or how about the times when it was so good to have a friend from home - someone who knows you from before - so that when you talk about all of the wonderful things you're doing and changes you're making it all seems somehow MORE profound - because this friend knows the old you, and it's like meeting the new you for the first time? And you get to see yourself, I mean really see yourself - what you've learned, how you've matured - through another person's eyes.
Yeah. It was like that.
So I'm still sort of processing that - I don't know that I'll ever share much more from my few days in the Holy Land with my friend Hoda than what I share today. It's all better in my heart and my head, anyhow.
But! Here are some pictures from that time - clearly I didn't take them... although I did take about 6 or 7 pictures on my film camera maybe 10 days ago - so there's hope I'll finish that roll soon!
Hoda, Aimee, Kadria
The Celebration of the First Day of Ridván
Sina, Aimee, Hoda
Local Haifa favorite - Café Louise

Hoda & Aimee
Bahá'í Terraces
Mountain of God, Israel

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