Sunday, May 17, 2009

Possibly, Maybe...

The following is excerpted from an email conversation I had with Nazy today - her question? "How are you?"

"Answerable by a giant (if inaudible) meh.
I think my experience at lunch today probably sums things up:
“I’m not hungry, but I’m not satisfied”.

…unfortunately, as far as my life in general goes, a lot of that lies in my court, so to speak.

But the funny part is that I’m busier than I’ve almost ever been here – at least in the last year. I’m happy, but I’ve got a general feeling that there’s something missing, or just a tad off balance. I get the sense that this is how amputees must feel – like you remember having an arm (or whatever), you even feel it, but when you go to look for it or use it – it’s just gone.

Except that I think I miss something I’ve never had before.
How Bjork of me…."

If this were a mathmatical equation, it would go something like this:
Simple question (x) complex(ish) answer = complex question (squared).

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