Sunday, June 7, 2009

International Girl of Mystery....

So I got a cute email from my Nana this morning - she pointed out that my blog hadn't changed in a while (maybe a week - I loose track of time, sometimes) - and she wondered if everything was okay with me. Then she said - and this is the best part - "You’ve probably stopped blogging and started twittering (or whatever they call that) by now. Personally, don’t get the significance of that, but the rest of the world obviously does."

You know what, Nana? Neither do I. I clearly have difficulty finding things to talk about on a somewhat regular basis - or the time to post more regularly than I presently do.... Besides (deep sigh) I'm pretty positive that y'all (oh. hey y'all!) don't care what I do!

So I know that I don't drive a fancy car, wear fancy clothes, or spend my weekends with the tabloid 400 (not dissimilar to the last century's New York 400) - but you can call me the International Girl of Mystery.

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