Thursday, April 30, 2009

Yeah, It's Like That...

Sorry that I'm, like, the least tech savvy person you know right now - but click the image. It's pretty much perfect.

Oh. And if anyone knows how I can make these kind of images that I love so well, and pop up with according frequency (even though I clearly suck at posting them efficiently) on my blog, work - holler at your girl. Because sharing is caring.


Sholeh said...

Well, if you want to link directly, you have to have the link to the image itself, and then use the following code (take out the star)(I used links from one of my own photos):

<*img src="">

However, some photos are copyrighted, or require that you credit the author. On Flickr, they require that you link back to the photo page. So if you use a photo from Flickr, you need to use the following code (again, take out the stars):

<*a href=""><*img src=""><*/a>

I don't use blogger, and I don't know how much raw code you use, but let me know if you need something different and I'll try to help.

j'taimee said...

Thanks, Sholeh! You're a peach!

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