Monday, April 13, 2009


Have you ever been so excited that your whole body vibrated with it? Yeah, I'm pretty much uncontainable right now.... Hoda is here, in the Holy Land! Parisa is coming to the Holy Land - and so is Sanaz, she just doesn't know it, yet. ...mwhahahahaha.

Parisa, Hoda, Sanaz


Sautch said...

OMG i saw this pic before reading the caption and thought that they were all there TOGETHER. Man, that just made me so jealous! give them each a hug from me when you see them. loves

j'taimee said...

hahaha. Yeah, I guess that this picture could be confused for a Holy Day celebration - particularly if taken out of context... like me talking about the Holy Land - and a picture of them all together....
Alas, I will have to hug them for you individually.

Miss your face, lady.

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